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We are specialised in providing high quality services to 50+ private consumers and small businesses.

About Us

About Us explains you who we are, what we do and how we do it.

About Us

Find all safety and maintenance solutions in one package...

We make sure you have the best possible security and maintenance software on your system.

Trust our experts...
About Us

Learn how to use a computer...

We have special education videos for all seniors to learn step by step and get familiar 

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Our Vision

Who We Are

"Do not break your head, call us for help...

PcHelp50Plus was founded by a few enthusiastic computer experts who saw the need of a support platform to help the senior user and small businesses. The team considers transparancy, compliance and customer satisfaction the cornerstones of succes.

These principles and values have been built into the DNA of PcHelp50Plus, which today the #1 runner up European Internet Security, Help and Support companies. Our supreme team of friendly and certified IT-experts are available 365 days a year profiding professional Remote IT Technical Support to private users and small businesses.

In 3 simple steps we help you with your issues!

Analyzing the problem

The agent will give the client the opportunity to show in his or her way where they face problems. Many times they have no clue how to express that in words. We scan in the system and files of the client and do a so called health check. The report will show which issues are there to be solved.

The explanation

The explanation of the found issues is an important part in the whole process. Step by step the agent will explain the issues found and what harm they might do on the clients system. This will be done in understandable wording. Then you, as a client decide if we should solve it!

The solution

The solutions for each client may vary of course but are all there is a package that fits your needs. This one stop solution is especially for elderly people the perfect option. Many times they just buy and download something and hope it will solve the issues. Most of the times it brings MORE problems!

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