My Digital Footprint 60 Months


My Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint, a full service, in which you don’t need any knowledge about software or the internet. We set it all up for you!


My Digital Heritage Advanced Service

My Digital Footprint service reliefs your relatives from the enormous hassle after your death. This concerns your bank accounts, web-subscriptions, memberships, email accounts and social media accounts or any other digital information. Generally it can take people years in order to reach large organisations as mentioned hereafter. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Social Media are an example. Photos and information of the deceased are published for years to come. Or people still see annual congratulations to the deceased on social media. This can be painful for the bereaved.

We at My Digital Footprint help to relieve this enormous aftercare. After purchasing the My Digital Footprint, one of our agents will help you to install and activate the service. With care they will take the time they need to implement all your relevant data into the system.

Questions that will be solved for your next of kin with our My Digital Footprint subscription;

  • How can they remove my social media after I have passed away
  • How can they unsubscribe me from websites after I have passed away
  • How can I be sure that they can access my financials after my death
  • How can they access my passwords in my heritage
  • How can they remove my digital memberships

This is a fully installed package, no need to not have any skills!

To enter My Digital Footprint can take several hours. Therefore make sure you have enough time when you make the appointment.

If you do not have a will yet we can connect you to local notaries who have interesting offerings online. These are modern beneficial online notaries, but of course you always can choose one close to you.

For the Dutch market we can offer

To find a notary anywhere in Europe

If you have any questions regarding this service on this page, please feel free to email us here.

All our services we provide according to the GDPR privacy rules.


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