PC Cleaning Utility

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PC Cleaning Utility is an advanced tool to clean your PC of files that are clogging and crowding your hard drive.Pc Help 50 Plus helps you to install activate and adjust all settings to your specific requirements.

PC Cleaning UtilityPC Cleaning Utility

12 Months license + Installation, activation and settings support.

PC Cleaning Utility to clean your PC of files that are clogging and crowding your hard drive.This system cleaner that makes it easy to clean up your computer with a safe and simple process. Over time a computer becomes full of files that eventually clog the hard drive. The system cleans files that could be causing your computer to perform at a substandard level. By cleaning up such files, it will help reducing system crashes and freezes.You can choose which areas on your computer to scan and clean. Pc Help 50 Plus helps to set your personal requirent in the settings. Choose from virtual devices, libraries, installation strings, junk files, temporary files, system software, history, start menu, and more.Let’s be clear to all our buying clients! There is not a all-in-solution software that keeps all your data safe. There is also no security sytem with anti malware that protects your system. All these tools do ONLY a part of the protectioin. The ONLY way to make sure your system is really safe is to use all the tools together with a deap clean every 3 months or so.

PC Cleaning Utility Features


PC Cleaning Utility cleans and realigns files that could be slowing down your computer and causing it to perform at a substandard level.


File clutter can take up much needed space on a user’s computer causing it to function sluggishly. Use the system to reduce clutter and free up hard drive space.


By cleaning up problematic files, you minimizes the chance of a computer to freeze or crash caused by potentially problematic files.


The system will defragment the computer’s registry, as over time a computer’s registry becomes fragmented when files are constantly deleted causing performance to decline.If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, please feel free to email us here.We provide all our services according to the GDPR compliance rules.

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